The Wales Sportive Saturday, July 4, 2020
Course Maps

The Wales Sportive Course

Now the most comprehensive closed road course in Wales. This is an absolute must for your calendar!

 There are three different distances for The Wales Sportive. The short distance of 42 miles, the mid-distance route of 70 miles, as well as the full distance course of 112 miles, for the athletes who really want to push their limits.

Cyclists competing in each of the categories will have a staggered start, with the 112 mile athletes starting first and the 42 mile athletes leaving last. The 42 mile course will be one lap of the small circuit, whilst 70 mile cyclists will head off towards Angle before finishing the small circuit. The 112 mile course follows the same route as the 70 mile course; however, has an extra lap of the small circuit before reaching the finish line.

These are all new courses for 2019!

The Wales Sportive - 112 Mile

The Wales Sportive - 70 Mile

The Wales Sportive - 42 Mile

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